Methamphetamine Laboratory Clean Up

Ohio Technical Services, Inc. and its employees have recently received certification to conduct the cleanup of clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories (Meth Labs). The presence of Meth Labs has continued to rise in all the counties throughout the great state of Ohio. These Meth Labs have been identified in suburban houses, hotel rooms, department store bathrooms, college dorms, and in the run-down shacks of rural Ohio.

Hazardous waste and residual debris, generated through the cooking process that has become readily available on the internet, contaminates the furnishings, interior surfaces, ventilation ducts, and the plumbing systems of these structures. Substances such as acids, caustics, solvents, and flammable materials pose a risk to those who enter these buildings. From proven research, it has been shown that these risks still exist even months after the Meth Lab has been shut down by local authorities.

Methamphetamine is not only a destructive drug to the “cookers” and the users but also to the innocent children living among these illicit activities. OTS believes in the sanctity of life and has decided to take the initiative and be on the forefront of the efforts in Ohio to assist the public in the safe and environmentally compliant cleaning of these problem areas.

The experience and knowledge of OTS gained through the completion of projects involving asbestos abatement, lead abatement, and the bio-remediation of mold and mildew, support this effort. We are now prepared to assist land and building owners in returning these buildings and structures used to manufacturer illegal and illicit drugs, to usable and viable facilities.

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Meth Lab Images