Administrative Staff & Information Technology

The Administrative Staff employed by OTS ensure that the daily business operations continue without delay. They provide support to the employees completing the abatement and remediation activities at client’s facilities and support the efforts of the sales, marketing, engineering, and safety departments within the company.

The Administrative Staff utilizes modern computer systems and industry-standard word processing, database, and accounting software programs to stay current with the daily activities of the company. In addition, the staff has the ability to process electronic fund transfers (EFTs) which allows the expeditious transfer of funds between client and customer.

OTS accounting personnel are trained to utilize the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) electronic invoicing system for governmental finance and accounting services. WAWF is a convenient online solution that allows OTS to electronically submit invoices and receive reports with governmental agencies utilizing the WAWF system. Through the use of WAWF, the respective governmental agencies can inspect, accept, receive and transmit data to OTS electronically via the Internet.

The staff of OTS ensures that the needs of the client are fully identified up front so that the submittals, project deliverables, invoicing, and other pertinent documents are developed, maintained, and provided to the client in a timely manner. OTS has the ability to receive and transfer these documents (schedules, safety plans, engineering specifications, etc.) electronically to the customer.